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TAKTIK TENNIS is the ultimate interactive tetherball game - like no other.

We’ve all played Totem Tennis at some stage…pushed the pole into the ground and belted the ball with plastic paddles for hours on end...well guess what…this timeless game has just become a whole lot better…way over the top better.

Taktik Tennis combines this timeless game with digital technology, to measure your speed of hit as well as track and cast your gameplay information to the App on your smart device. You can track speed, set the game time and measure your number of hits, game points, forehand and backhand and record your performance on a leaderboard to share with your family and friends. This is the best fun you can have outdoors, in your garage, basement or back room, on holiday or at home…you will never tire of Taktik Tennis…it’s addictive in the best possible way.

We have a simple goal at Taktik Products and that is to take timeless games that everyone loves to play and make them better so that you get active, off the couch away from your screen and outdoors for a healthy fun time. But Taktik Tennis is not a toy, it’s a cool product you will play forever to build your tennis skills, develop hand eye co-ordination and test your forehand and backhand reactions and with the App set performance goals. The best part is competing with your family or friends to see who can hit the fastest speed and the highest number of hits in the allotted time, and even record an action photo showing your score and send it to friends to see if they can beat it…

Taktik Tennis - Gets you off the couch 

Taktik Tennis - Builds your tennis skills

Taktik Tennis - Develops hand-eye co-ordination

Taktik Tennis - Burns calories

Taktik Tennis - Engages you in healthy competition

Taktik Tennis - Improves your mental health

Taktik Tennis - Can be played indoors or outdoors in confined spaces

Taktik Tennis - Suitable for all abilities