Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed Taktik Tennis™ for ages 8 years and above; kids, teenagers and adults alike.

But importantly Taktik Tennis™ is also designed for people with limited mobility or confined to a wheelchair.

It is easy to set the height so anyone can play.

You can play solo or doubles.

Once you have set up Taktik Tennis™ and filled the base, you can leave it assembled ready for your next mammoth game.

But remember to put the ‘all weather protective cover’ over the head when not in use.

The head is splash proof. If it is accidentally left in the rain just remove the head from the pole and turn it upside down giving it a gentle shake to remove any water in the ball socket.
Take care not to hose the head as this may affect the sensor and circuitry.

Always use the ‘All weather protective cover’ over the head when not in use.

Do not play in the rain

4 x AA batteries are supplied with each Taktik Tennis™

Everything you see listed on the website is included.

NOTE: the smart device is NOT included

Two 19” nylon strung racquets with aluminium frame are included.

Taktik Tennis™ has been designed with the T-FLEX pole to take the massive force of big hits from all size racquets.

The tennis balls included are medium grade polyester felt with 1.5m nylon cord ideal for training.

The nylon cord is 1.5m long but can be shortened using the cord winder included. The shorter the cord the more challenging the game.

One extra ball with 1.5m cord is included to keep you playing for a very long time.

The hard wearing blow moulded base can hold approx. 18L of water.

For best results fill the base at least ¾ full to stabilise the unit for truly dynamic play.

The patented swivel ball has a micro sensor which communicates your performance in real time via Bluetooth® to your smart device once you have downloaded the Taktik Tennis™ App.

If playing as a single player the Taktik Tennis™ App calculates your best minute of play (with the most hits/highest speed).

If playing doubles the Taktik Tennis™ App calculates which player has the highest speed and most points/min over the duration of the game.

You or a friend can take hand held selfies with your smart device or you can use settings to take photos of your play as required.

You can stream from your smart device to a big screen in the normal way you would for an Apple or Android app.

Through our shop you can purchase Taktik Tennis™ merchandise and additional parts.

Keep checking the website for new merch!